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Painter and writer with a contemporary art proposal, an expression of her life journey, which oscillates between the naïve, abstract and figurative.


Susana is an artist, painter and writer of her own visions. Her paintings are the expression of her sensitivity towards the beauty of life, of the soul. Her constant introspection, configures a free and inspired inner world that emerges through the message of light that she shares in each of her works…

Her works are a mixture of her sensitivity towards the human condition and, at the same time, a tribute to the feminine universe. Rich colours and textures are part of her style, which she has defined over the years.

Today Susana has her own, easily recognisable style.

Susana has a long career, has lived in several countries, is a polyglot and has lived with different cultures, enjoying and learning from all of them. Her vision of the world is broad and peculiar… with beautiful nuances that are reflected in each of her works.


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My painting is a bit rebellious… without symmetries, without perfectly traced lines, without rigidity, sometimes with very long arms to symbolise the bridges between people.

I invite you to a world of infinite colours and feelings, a world that fuses the ethereal and the material… a bridge that connects us to Heaven or to Earth, depending on where we are.

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